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Gunung Anak Dara Hill is one of many hills that are favorites for hikers in Sembalun Lawang Village, Sembalun District, East Lombok. The height of Anak Dara Hill reaches 1,923 meters above sea level (masl). There is no doubt about the beauty of the views presented during the trip.

At the summit of Anak Dara Hill, visitors can see the sunset in the afternoon and the sunrise in the morning. If the climb starts at 10 a.m., the hiker usually reaches the peak no later than 5 p.m. From Anak Dara Hill, climbers can see residential villages in Sembalun.

So, how do you reach the summit of Anak Dara Hill?

There are two routes to the top of Bukit Dara or Anak Dara, namely the southern route and the northern route. The distance between the two routes to the top of Anak Dara Hill is not far. From the south route, it can be reached in 4 hours, 30 minutes, or a maximum of 5 hours. Likewise, if you take the north route

Usually, local climbers travel to the top of Anak Dara Hill on weekends. Anak Dara Hill has the stunning beauty of the savanna.

“At the top, there is a large savanna field. So you can set up around 100 tents. If you go there on weekends, it will definitely be busy.”

Through the Forest

From the bottom of the hill, climbers will find a forest area. After passing through the forest track for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, climbers will not feel too hot when climbing during the day.

After passing through a forest path with shady trees, climbers find post I above the forest called Tanjakan Sayang. Climbers can rest for 30 minutes to stretch their legs before reaching post II of the Tanjakan Cinta.

“But there’s no spring water above.” So you have to bring enough water if you have to spend the night.”

So, are you interested in climbing Anak Dara Hill?

Sunrise Trip Itinerary
A day before : We will pick up you at Your hotel within Lombok island and transfer to Sembalun, check in hotel and free time.

01.00am Weak up at the hotel, prepare for the sunrise hike, and get some breakfast.

01:45am You will begin to hike under the beautiful stars.

06:00am Arrive on top, having coffee while waiting for the sunrise.

06:15am A light breakfast will be served by your guide while you enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

07:00am Walk down to Sembalun village and go to your next destinations.

What to bring?
Flash Light
Warm Jacket
Warm hat

What to see?
Sembalun Valley
Panorama of Mount Rinjani
Rice Carpet
Gunung Agung in Bali
Gunung Tambora in Sumbawa

If you wish to spend more time in nature and take in the breathtaking night sky, you can alter your plans for the Anak Dara Sunrise Trip to include two days of hiking and camping on Gunung Anak Dara. To request more information or to ask a question, kindly let us know.

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